Jackie McKool


How Do You Know When You Get There?

I suppose you could say I was brought up on map reading. Even before I was old enough to drive my dad taught me …

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Growth, Do You Budget for It?

I am a natural learner – not a quick learner, necessarily (!), but I naturally love to learn. When I was just a child, …

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Step Outside the Box !

As I continue to live into my new season of life – retirement/author, writer & speaker – I need to remind myself to “step …

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Hike in Patagonia

Perhaps the Greatest Health Deception of All!

According to Statins.News, “statins are one of Big Pharma’s biggest cash-cows: In 2013, the pharmaceutical industry raked in a staggering $29 billion just from …

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Beach sunset steps

These 3 Things

When I worked as a fundraiser for a women’s ministry, I used to always say there were 3 things that drew me to the …

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Moms, What Are You Feeding Your Children?

This is a hard article to write.  First, I don’t have children, but I was a child at one time, and I know what …

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Are You Committed, or Do You Just Have a Desire?

I am a curious person, and I don’t just want to see all kinds of places, I want to experience them – it’s almost …

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Baking tools, mixing bowls, whisk

Gluten Free or Sugar Free?

If event organizers, meeting planners, restaurants, hotels, schools, churches, civic meetings etc. would be more diligent when planning menus to serve up food that …

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Fog and evergreen forest, upside down

An Upside Down World

We live in an upside-down world when it comes to our health.  In the United States our pharmaceutical companies have a huge influence over …

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Alpine River in the Italy

Don’t Let Fear Sweep You Down Stream!

Have you ever made a snap decision and then regretted it later?  When you look back to assess why you did what you did, …

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Moody autumn day in the Dolomites forest and mountains

It’s Not About Back and Neck Pain!

Shortly after God delivered me from an addiction to alcohol and the whole bar life, He set my feet on a new path – …

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Sun shining in rain drops alt sunset in nature

Where Does the Root Lie?

As I sit to write these blogs I realize and know that I’d like to be real with you.  I’d like to be transparent …

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female hand holding a wooden cube with a question mark, concept of answers and questions

Are You a “Why” Person?

For example, if you knew WHY your doctor told you to do something, you might be more compliant? I am.  Or if anyone tells …

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Frog in The Kettle

Health is Not About How You Feel

One day I was talking with a friend telling her I wanted to run a heavy metal toxicity test on myself. She asked “why, …

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Stress Worry Woman with Text on White

How Much is on Your Plate?

Gotcha! I am not talking about food! That’s a discussion for another day. What I want to talk about today is something that can …

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Cans of Fresh Cola Drink

Anatomy Of A Soda

How much soda is consumed each year in the United States? I did a little digging on the internet awhile back and the number …

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