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Don’t Let Fear Sweep You Down Stream!

Have you ever made a snap decision and then regretted it later?  When you look back to assess why you did what you did, was fear ever a factor?  Maybe you said “yes” to a date even if you didn’t want to go, but were afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.  Or you bought that overpriced dress for fear that you wouldn’t compare well against the “Jones” otherwise?  The list can go on and on, and of course these are just minor examples.  But what about fear driving something more serious, like a snap decision to address a serious health problem – like cancer?

Now before I go any further, I need to make this disclaimer, that I am NOT talking about you specifically, but yes, I’m talking about you – you and me – collectively.  So, don’t sit there reading this and think to yourself “oh my gosh, she is judging me!”  I am not, truly I’m not.  I too have been there – or almost.

So, for starters, if what I am getting ready to say not to do, you’ve already done, do not, I repeat, do NOT beat yourself up, or worse, discount me as your friend, or hit the “unsubscribe” button!  And truthfully, after reading what I am getting ready to share, you just might say to yourself, to me, or to others “I would do the same thing all over again” – that is perfectly fine too.  My heart is that we all know we have options, and more than just one choice – especially something other than a disease management choice when it comes to our health.

We obviously can’t change the past, but we can be as prepared as possible for the future.  Granted, none of us can predict the future, so nothing is fool proof, but preparation, knowledge and wisdom are key to minimizing the risks of making a less than desirable choice.

Having said all of this, here are some things you can do moving forward:

  • Give thought ahead of time as to what you would do should you be diagnosed with a serious health condition – would you go the conventional route, or a more wholistic, natural approach?
  • What is YOUR paradigm – conventional, or restore the body back to good health using natural approaches?
  • Research practitioners who are in line with your paradigm, your philosophy – even if you don’t currently need them. If realistic, interview them to make sure they would be the best fit.
  • If you say the wholistic approach, restoring the body back to good health naturally, what disease would you NOT choose this approach for? Know this ahead of time.  Where is your line drawn?
  • Thoroughly study up on your approach of choice and be confident, that should you need to make a decision, you have made the right choice for you.
  • Discuss your choice with your support team – spouse, children, parents, best friend, etc. so they are prepared ahead of time, and will support you should you have to make a serious health decision. Share your information with them so they can understand why you have made the choice you have.
  • Don’t let others try and talk you out of your choice.
  • Finally, don’t make a snap decision, check fear at the door!

Let me share a more recent, personal experience I have had to demonstrate what I am talking about.

First, I have always said that if I were ever, God forbid, diagnosed with cancer, I would seek out a wholistic doctor who addressed my health as a whole using natural approaches.  I did not want chemo or radiation.

My blood platelets have been high and climbing for a while now.  I reached out to a functional medicine doc who is in line with my paradigm to help me get to the root cause of why this is happening.  He initially ran some specialty labs to rule in or out his suspicion that the root was auto-immune induced.  Some markers came back high.  He started me on a supplement protocol (and would have also suggested improved diet & lifestyle, along with chiropractic care if I had not already been doing this).  After 3 months the platelets were still climbing.  He asked me what I wanted to do.  I suggested that I see a hematologist.  Keeping in mind, even before I made this decision, I did my best on educating myself on the possible causes and possible diagnosis’.

After a series of lab tests, including a genetic test that came back negative, and a bone marrow biopsy that was inconclusive as to whether it was “essential” or “reactive” thrombocythemia.  In layman’s terms either a genetic bone marrow disorder (essential) causing high platelets or reactive, meaning the root cause is typically inflammation or infection.  Even though the genetic tests (yes, plural) came back negative, in his professional experience (which is highly regarded) he still felt it was genetic.  Solution?  A chemo pill for the rest of my life.  I didn’t flippantly or immediately disregard this suggestion.  But all it took after researching the side effects of this “tried and true” drug was to come to the conclusion I had before walking into this – No.  A couple of the side effects were:  “don’t let the pill touch your skin” (what?  And I’m supposed to swallow it – the rest of my life?!); wash hands thoroughly after handling pill; don’t get vaccines (which I wouldn’t anyway – another decision made years earlier) because my immune system would already be lowered.  This just confirmed my decision I had already had in my mind to make – I was determined to address the root cause, using natural approaches.

The journey on this continues.  I am currently receiving hyperbaric chamber treatments, 2 hours once a week.  I drive 1.5 hours away and 1.5 hours back home each week.  With the hope that this will address the root cause – infection, inflammation, killing off any viruses, bacteria etc. that may be stirring up underlying auto-immune conditions.  And I am paying cash for all of this – insurance covers none of it.  This is fodder for another blog post, so be on the lookout!

I will keep you posted on this progress.  But in the meantime, I just wanted to share an example of how you can thwart fear from sweeping you downstream.  Have your mind made up ahead of time, and do your research to back up your decision.  Chemo, radiation, multiple prescription drugs for the rest of your life, and radical surgeries are not the only choice you have.  Be empowered with this – your health IS in your control!

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