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Recommended by Dr. Jackie

The following are some of the many products that I recommend – I will continue to add to this list as time goes on, so come back and visit regularly. I have affiliate accounts with them so I do receive a small stipend from them when someone uses the codes I offer here. But I also do not recommend products unless I have used them myself and sincerely trust their quality and reputation.

Mg 12

I LOVE Mg12’s brand of magnesium!  First of all, it is transdermal, meaning it is applied topically, not ingested.  Unfortunately, most people’s digestive system is not up to par, and a lot of the supplements we ingest don’t get utilized to the fullest.

What I love most about Mg12 is their salts come from the Dead Sea — i.e. quality! — they put a drop of frankincense and myrrh in every batch of their products, and they pray over every batch.  That’s my kind of magnesium!!

You can go to their website at www.mg12.com and use the discount code “TAW” for a 10% discount off every order.

Biotics Research

I personally start off each year doing Biotics Nutri-Clear Detox.  It’s a great way to “get the slate clean” and reset the metabolism – especially following the excessiveness of the recent holidays.
It’s a comfortable 15-day protocol that does not interrupt your busy life.  You simply drink a detox drink for breakfast, lean proteins and vegetables for lunch, a second detox drink mid-afternoon and lean proteins and vegetables for dinner. 

Biocidin Botanicals

The product I used was their Bioclear Microbiome Detox Program.  I truly have been impressed with this product, and this company.  I would highly encourage you to take a look at all the wonderful products they have available and give them a try. Here is the link to view their website along with a FREE SHIPPING code (Free Shipping Promo code: PD-F-TAW.) and no minimum order (this is invaluable and unusual for a supplement company!)


For a 10% Discount go to: