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One of the talents God has blessed Dr. Jackie with, and the assignment He has place on her life is public speaking. Dr. Jackie has been speaking to groups large and small for over 20 years. With a heart full of passion, a head full of knowledge and experience, and a great sense of humor, her audiences always walk away inspired and empowered that their health truly is in their control. Dr. Jackie has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2010. Over that time she has held a variety of leadership positions within her local Toastmasters clubs. She recently took 3rd place in the District 37 Toastmasters Table Topics Contest. District 37 makes up the entire western half of the state of North Carolina. She is also a certified member of the John Maxwell Team trained in leadership, coaching and speaking. Dr. Jackie is available to speak at your next fundraiser, as a key note speaker, women’s conferences, annual church events, employee or church workshops, breakout session for your annual conference and much more. If you have other ideas or needs for a speaker, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m sure she can accommodate you!

Stress, is it Silently Killing You?

Is one of Dr. Jackie’s signature presentations and that she writes about in her book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness? Unveiling the Confusion, Myths and Deceptions Preventing You From Achieving True Health.”

How taking the magic pill is not the answer but uncovering the multitude of stressors that cause inflammation are contributing to physical health problems and the way to overcome this challenge using natural approaches.
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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

The common root denominator of all chronic degenerative diseases, including auto-immune conditions and cancer, is inflammation. This presentation will show your audience HOW to uncover the many triggers that contribute to inflammation and natural alternatives to overcoming them to restore the body back to good health.

How to Get Off the Sickness Treadmill and Address Your Health Wholistically

Uncovering the myths and deceptions about what true health is really all about is key to getting off the “sickness treadmill” and have your feet planted on the wholistic path of true health & wellness using natural approaches that are not utilized in conventional medicine.
She is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle!
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How to Get to the Root Cause & Restore Your Body Back to Good Health – Naturally

There is a huge difference between simply managing your disease and uncovering the root cause of the health problems and restore your body back to good health using natural approaches. While this may seem like common sense, and you might think you are already doing this, more than likely you are not. There will be a great many “ah ha” moments with this presentation!

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