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What Holistic Health is NOT –
Taking Natural Supplements for Your


First, What is Holistic Health?

There is a major difference between conventional medicine – what we have been used to following all of our lives – and holistic health. One is reactive, the other is proactive. Conventional medicine’s primary objective is to diagnose a disease that your symptoms align with, and then help you manage your disease, primarily through drugs, for the rest of your life, or, at times, surgery/surgeries. A reactive approach.

On the other hand, the two primary objectives of holistic health are to uncover the root cause of the problem, and reclaim your health, using natural approaches. Holistic health also addresses your whole health: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual when determining where the root might lie. Proactive.

How Do I Reclaim my Health Holistically?

Here are a few basic steps to reclaiming your health:

    • Determine Your Objective

First you need to determine which path do you want to pursue: the conventional medicine/disease management path, or the holistic health path. If it’s the holistic health path, then…

    • Set Some Health Goals

Set some holistic health goals for yourself. Ideally you would want to have a goal or two in each area of your wholistic health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Then what are the action steps you plan to take to accomplish each of these goals. And above all, it is imperative that you write these goals and action steps down! Next…

    • Align Yourself with a Like-minded Holistic Health Practitioner

If you are in good health, and just starting out on your health journey, then you may not need the assistance of a holistic health practitioner. If this is the case, I invite you to continue to seek out truths, and stay on top of them as they pertain to true holistic health. Read blogs like this, see links for my book and website at the end of this blog for more information, sign up to receive my monthly newsletter that has more great information that can assist you along your journey. And by all means seek out other resources that support your holistic health objectives and journey.

If you are looking to reclaim your health, using wholistic approaches, then I encourage you to seek out a true wholistic healthcare practitioner to walk alongside of you on your journey. See my blog post “Natural Wellness It’s More Than What You Might Think” to learn more how to go about doing this.

Why is Holistic Health NOT About Taking Supplements?

Let me first congratulate you if the first step you have taken to get away from conventional thinking was to search out a more natural approach, like looking for a vitamin or mineral instead of taking a drug. You truly are moving in the right direction. I now encourage you to take the next step and get off the linear-thinking path.

What do I mean by the “linear-thinking path?” This is the path of conventional medicine— symptom here, pain there, take this, problem solved, end of path. The problem with this way of thinking is the root cause isn’t uncovered and addressed—only the symptom is, whether with a drug or a natural supplement.

I Suggest Supplements for Two Purposes

There is nothing wrong with taking a natural supplement, in fact, when taking quality supplements, they can be a tremendous support to your health and healing—it’s the linear path that is the problem. Once you see the truth and have uncovered the root cause, you can now proceed with your natural approach.

One is for foundational support

To bridge the gap between our healthy diet and what is still lacking in spite of it—i.e., “supplement” the gap. We all could benefit from these foundational supplements, including:

  • A quality multi-vitamin and mineral.
  • Essential fatty acids (EFAs)—omega 3s in particular, but we also need omega 6 and omega 9 (only in the right quality, quantity, and ratio).
  • A good probiotic to enhance the good bacterial flora in our guts.
  • A digestive enzyme.

Also, the majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D and magnesium; both have many health benefits, so it is good to supplement our diets with these as well.


The Second Reason to Take Supplements

Is to heal and repair organs or systems of the body that might be out of balance or in disrepair. Ideally, these would be prescribed for a limited time and then, once the healing took place, a person would come off of them, provided of course, the individual changed the behaviors and lifestyle habits that caused the root problem to start. Unless you make diet and lifestyle changes, you are just throwing your money away buying any supplements, quality or otherwise.

In Summary

Understand that there is a big difference between conventional, allopathic medicine; and holistic health. Know what those differences are, and then get on, and stay on the path that best fits your own, personal health objectives.

Holistic health gets to the root cause of your health challenges, and then restores the body back to good health using natural approaches, including quality supplements. But above all, don’t just mask your symptoms with even a natural product; get to the root cause of the problem first.

If you determine that you want to pursue holistic health, write down goals and action steps for yourself.

If you are needing to restore your body back to good health, seek out a wholistic healthcare practitioner who can walk alongside of you on your healing journey.

And lastly, for a greater understanding of the benefits of quality supplements, and how to know the difference, see my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness” where I go into depth regarding how to select quality supplements.

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