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Are You a “Why” Person?

For example, if you knew WHY your doctor told you to do something, you might be more compliant? I am.  Or if anyone tells us to do something, if I knew why first, I might do it their way instead of trying to circumvent the process and do it my way.  I’m not trying to be arrogant, just efficient most of the time.

I remember a few years back, I started my first backpacking trip in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Now if you know anything about the White Mountains — hint:  Mt. Washington is in the White Mountains – Mount Washington is famous for having one of the highest wind speeds on record – 231 miles per hour back in 1934 – you know it’s not a place even the most experienced hikers shouldn’t hike alone.

My 4th day out backpacking, my hiking partners had already hiked on out ahead of me.  I came across a few hikers coming down from Mt. Madison, which was where I was headed.  I asked the casual question, as most hikers do when passing each other, “how was it up there?”  My question was more about “what was the terrain like, the difficulty of the climb etc.”  His reply to me was “it’s pretty windy up there, be careful.”  I didn’t think anything of it, brushed off his comment as something I hadn’t experienced in the past, and continued on – I could handle it.

Had he been a little more specific and told me “why” I should be careful and perhaps said something like: “you might not want to go up there by yourself, the winds are blowing at 65 mph speeds, and it’s nothing but a huge boulder field up there – you literally could get blown down in an instant, the winds are that strong.”  I might have been at least more mentally prepared for what I was about to face in the next hour.

We should be more inquisitive, and ask to fully understand why our doctor is telling us to do something before we just jump right in and follow blindly (off the cliff a lot of the time!).  I am working on getting my blood platelet numbers down.  I had some appointments with a hematologist.  His ultimate diagnosis is that I have essential thrombocythemia, meaning genetic, even though the genetic testing came back negative.  My functional medicine doc and I are convinced it is reactive thrombocythemia, meaning due to something else i.e. infection, inflammation, etc.  The hematologist solution was to take a “tried and true” chemo pill for the rest of my life.  When I looked up the side effects of this drug one of the things it said was “don’t let it touch your skin.”  What?!  And I’m supposed to swallow that for the rest of my life?!

This is where being persistent and asking “why” are the platelets high and not settle for the “it’s genetic” pat answer.  Ask “what is the root cause?”  Because there is a cause for everything.

We should be the same when pursuing a dietary food protocol i.e. vegetarian, keto, paleo; or the latest fad diet Atkins, Nutrisystem, “drink 3 shakes a day and take this handful of supplements the rest of your life” plan etc.

Start taking authority with your health.  Your health IS in your control.  And good health is freedom!  It’s worth asking “Why?”

With these thoughts in mind, the reason you should buy my book is to understand “why” you should or shouldn’t be doing or eating so many of the things we blindly do or don’t do every day.  It is not just another magic “step-by-step, without any effort” system.  There are plenty of those out there already.

“Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness” just might give you the eye-opening ah ha moment that brings everything to light for you as to why all of the systems you have followed in the past didn’t work, or even the reasons you have refused to follow them because you saw they didn’t work – at least for the long run.

This book is also just the tip of the iceberg of “whys” – I continue to have eye-opening experiences myself, even after pursuing these truths for many years now.

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And pick up a copy of my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness, Unveiling the Confusion, Myths and Deceptions that Prevent You from Achieving True Health” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C8RFBX87/ – you just might have an “ah ha” moment!


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