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Reclaim Your Health the Wholistic Way

Our Bodies Don’t Take Care of Themselves


Reclaim Your Health the Wholistic Way

I am probably going to offend a lot of people with this blog. So, I will sincerely apologize in advance if I hurt your feelings, but I have to speak the truth in love.

In spite of so-called medical technology, the health of our Country has been declining for a very long time. You may disagree, and state that people are living longer than ever. That may be true, but “staying alive i.e. living” and “being healthy” are two totally different things. I don’t know about you, but being kept alive with multiple drugs, surgeries, chemotherapies, radiations, and feeding tubes is not living.

Today I want to talk about the latter – how to not only improve our health, but take control of it. I believe there are several reasons for the decline of health in America, that I would like to hopefully clear up for you today.

  • One of the main reasons for this decline is because we are not acknowledging the difference between emergency/acute sick care, and chronic, degenerative disease. They are two totally different things.
  • Another is the differences of recommendations for staying healthy, and restoring the body back to good health using natural approaches, seems to be blurred.
  • And one more reason: We have surrendered our responsibility for our health to deception.Let me break each of these areas of thought down a little bit more.

The Difference Between Acute Sickness and Chronic Disease

Around the turn of the 20th century, when the American Medical Association was established, with the pharmaceutical industry manipulating the legal system by destroying the homeopathic and other natural medicine approaches utilized greatly up until that time, is when health approaches started being divided. (See Dr. Robert Young’s book “Sick and Tired” for more insightful and manipulative history on how the medical establishment got started and trounced on more natural approaches to healing).

To put it simply, the medical profession, which are now really under the directive of corporate hospitals as well as insurance companies and of course the pharmaceutical industry at the helm, are highly trained in disease management. Where their true field of expertise is, is in trauma and acute sickness. Saving a person’s life after a serious injury, or some rare bacterial infection that attacked the body quickly for example – I would want their care and no one else! I broke my leg backpacking a few years back – I didn’t head to my chiropractor’s office, I first to the Urgent Care, and then on to the orthopedist.

But when it comes to chronic and degenerative diseases, the best the medical profession does is manage your disease for you. There is no solid plan to reverse these diseases. In fact, their profits come from sick people, not healthy people. Sadly, most people are still led to believe that they are doomed with that diabetes or cardiovascular disease for the rest of their life, and the only way to extend their life is to manage the said disease and take their prescribed drugs. Between the pharmaceutical industry, the medical insurance industry, and corporate hospitals – that’s a lot of money. They have been “educating” us for over a hundred years on what we need to do about our “health.” Unfortunately, the main piece of their education is missing: to give you any kind of indication or hope that true health can be restored.

So, this is where the wheels first start coming off the bus – there is no indication or truth that our health can be restored, and that it is in our control. We confuse the importance of true emergency, acute medical care, with chronic disease management – we think their work is one and the same and they are not. It’s like going to your hair stylist expecting them to do plastic surgery on your face while you are there. It’s not their field of expertise, and yet it has a common denominator – our looks. The only common denominator for acute care and chronic disease care is that they both work with the human body. Period.

Once you know that you want to restore your body back to good health, the medical professional is not the person to see, let’s move on to the next twist in the road towards health.

Staying Healthy vs. Restoring Health – Naturally

First, there are a lot of similarities and plans of action that need to be applied to both – staying healthy, and restoring our health. As you probably know by now, I define wholistic health as getting to the root cause of the problem and restoring the body back to good health. In addition, the 4 pieces of the wholistic health pie are: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Within the physical part of the health pie, there are 5 foundational components that cannot be over-looked or bypassed whether we are trying to stay healthy, or restore our body back to good health. Those 5 foundational pieces are: rest, water, exercise, good nutrition and good nerve supply. (To learn more in depth about wholistic health, and each of their various components see my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness?”).

If you are still fairly healthy – meaning you have not been diagnosed with any chronic diseases; you are not on any (none at all) prescription medications, or even taking any over the counter medications on a routine basis; your symptoms occur occasionally or not at all, then you could probably classify yourself as fairly healthy – and you want to keep it that way! But in order to maintain your health, you still need to address your health wholistically, and especially apply the 5 foundational components, ongoing, to your physical health. This is where the awareness that “our bodies don’t take care of themselves” is vitally important.

If we don’t take charge of our health — guard and protect it — then our health will slip away from us sooner than it should. Then you will find yourself in the camp of having to work towards restoring your health. It’s never too late to start taking charge of your health, in fact the younger the better. Whatever you do, don’t think you can get away with not eating right, not exercising, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep etc. Because it will catch up with you. By not taking charge of your health, always, you will allow for the degeneration process to speed up – quickly. And whatever you do, do not think that just because you are not over weight, or you go to the gym 5 times a week that you can eat whatever you want. Being healthy is not about how you look, or how much you weigh!

Where the difference lies between staying healthy, and restoring our health is that the latter takes more work. You might even have to recruit a wholistic healthcare practitioner to walk alongside of you through the process. But don’t let this deter you, or make you think that it is hopeless, or that your health is too far gone – those are lies from the enemy! There is always hope, and your health is always in your control.

The first thing you need to do, when restoring your body back to good health, is to uncover what the root cause of your symptoms, or even your previously diagnosed disease is. Remember, conventional medicine does not search for the root, they manage the symptoms and diseases. The true root has yet to be determined.

Once you have discovered the root cause, you next need to take an assessment of those 5 foundational components:

  • Rest
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Good Nutrition
  • Good Nerve Supply

How are you doing in each of these areas? What can you do to improve on each of them (there is always room for improvement for each of us)? Again, study up in my book, “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness?” and even acquire the accompanying workbook to help you through this process.

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Our Responsibility to Our Health

Now for the hard truth. We have to take responsibility for our health. If we don’t, our health will rapidly decline. We are not stagnant beings. Either we take charge or the world takes charge. Which will it be? Before you are quick with your default answer please allow me to explain.

Here are some hard truths and facts:

  • Each and every one of us make choices, every day, what we put into our bodies. We literally are what we eat, drink and expose our bodies to. The only way the body receives the vital nutrients it needs to function as it is supposed to, without giving way to disease, is by what we put into it and on it. Even for the poorest among us – the government food stamps allow for healthy foods.
  • What we put into our bodies is not about being full, it’s about being nourished. It breaks my heart, and admittedly even a little angry (at whom I’m not sure, but I do feel it), when I see someone sitting in an electric grocery cart with 6 packs of soda hanging off the sides, and nothing but toxic, sugar laden, processed carbs on the inside. Does anyone besides me see a problem with this? The northern in me wants to just yank everything out of their cart, make them stand up (yes, stand up), and say to them “come with me, here is what you need to put in your cart then into your body.” Food is, and needs to be our medicine – especially when we are chronically ill. In fact, there is no room to eat anything else but, until we are healthy once again.
  • Our society is truly lacking big time in the knowledge of how our bodies work, what true nutrients are and above all why we need to make wise food choices. And it doesn’t stop with food.
  • Our American population – and kids are right there in the mix — are a self-induced, stagnant, obese, chronically ill, lacking in knowledge, lazy (I know this is harsh, but it’s the truth), complacent, and above all deceived population. No, not everyone. But sadly, the majority. More than ½ of our adult population are either obese or over-weight, and almost ½ of children now are. Why do you really think that is? And this is just the physical part of the health. Mental health is subject to the same reasoning – their diet and lack of the other 4 foundational components of the physical health, have major impacts on mental health as well. And throw the root cause of some underlying trauma in there, and you have disaster waiting to happen. But the real problem is, we don’t want to take responsibility for our own health, it’s much easier to blame someone or something else – someone sneezed on me, it’s genetics, the doctor said…, it’s just how I am, how I was born etc. I promise you, people are not born with chronic degenerative diseases, they are self-induced. Period.

9 Steps to Take Care of Our Health

  1. Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to start making changes. You have to write out a game plan with goals and action steps. There is a difference between a desire to doing something, and a commitment – make a commitment.
  2. Stop eating: fast food, fried food, packaged and processed foods, and sugar. Committing to this will not cost you one red dime. These foods are killing you. Start with the easiest one to do, and then move onto the next one, and the next one until you have eliminated each of these from your diet (these are inflammatory foods).
  3. Start eating: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and good fats. These are non-inflammatory foods. You can even eat animal products and whole grains (not processed foods that say they are made from whole grain – these are a no, never).
  4. Next, once you’ve eliminated the inflammatory foods, and have a healthy diet of non-inflammatory foods, commit to buying as much organic, grass-fed, free range and non-GMO foods as possible. Buy from your local farmer.
  5. Eliminate ALL wheat, gluten, dairy from cow’s, and sugar. I know, I already said eliminate sugar, but it bears repeating.
  6. Commit to exercising for minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days a week – it’s your choice as to what that exercise is.
  7. Drink plenty of chlorine free water. A minimum of half of your body weight, in ounces a day. If you are drinking caffeinated drinks, you need to add that amount of water back into your body as well. If you are sweating from exercise or labor work, drink more water.
  8. Be in bed and asleep by 10:00 p.m. and sleep a minimum of 7 hours per night.
  9. Have your spine checked (not a physical therapist – they are not trained to remove nerve interference, only a chiropractor can do that). Do this even if you do not have back or neck pain. I promise you, unless you are already under routine chiropractic care, you have nerve interference in your spine.

In Conclusion

I didn’t start this blog off to be so harsh, but I like to call it more of a righteous anger. When are we going to wake up and face the truth? When are we going to start fighting back and taking authority with our health? When are we going to stop making excuse after excuse after excuse and commit to taking care of our bodies the way God intended us to? When are YOU going to reclaim the health that was given to you and make a commitment to being a good steward of your body and your health – the only body you have? The time is now.

I promise you, our bodies do not have the ability to take care of themselves – at least as long as we interfere with that process by the food-like substances we put into our bodies, and the lack of rest, water, exercise and good nerve supply. I can also promise you this — your health IS in your control.

Speaking the Truth in Love,
Dr. Jackie McKool

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