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“Wholistic Health is Confusing”



As I was going through chiropractic school, I was faced with all kinds of challenges, and in turn decisions that had to be made. It was a very stressful time in my life as a new baby Christian. But a word of advice from a dear colleague has stuck with me over all these many years later; she said “follow the way of peace.” Sometimes one person’s simple comment, even unknowing to them, can carry tremendous influence – for good or bad. Fortunately, this was such wonderful wisdom that I have carried it in my heart ever since, and have encouraged others with this reminder as well.

While I was at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention a couple of weeks ago promoting my book, a woman I was chatting with made the statement “I believe in natural approaches, but the problem is, it’s so confusing!” Another friend confirmed this recently when I told her I was building a speaking business on wholistic health & wellness, in misunderstood agreement, she started telling me how much a prescription cost and that she was thankful her doctor’s office gave her a sample of the meds instead. In her mind, the problems with “health” care would be solved by lowered drug prices, while she thought that is what I meant when I said “wholistic health and wellness.” I agree. It IS confusing. And that is my mission in life (well, one of them anyway!) is to help clear up that confusion. Because you see, God is not the author of confusion, the enemy is. Knowing Truth brings peace, and the devil can’t have that. Let’s see if I can help clear up some confusion.

The First Foundational Principal of Wholistic Health and Wellness

In my opinion, the defining principal to determine if you, or someone else is truly pursuing true wholistic health is if they use these words, and act on these words: “What is the ROOT CAUSE of the problem?” Are you or the practitioner you have helping you with your health, simply attempting to manage the disease, or are they working to uncover the root cause first, then move into the second foundational principal? What is their defining paradigm? Disease management or root cause discovery?

The Second Foundational Principal of Wholistic Health and Wellness

The second foundational principal of wholistic health and wellness is once the root has been determined, then you, and if necessary, your health care practitioner start working towards restoring your body back to good health using natural approaches. But you need to know the root first. If principal #1 is not in place first, then any steps that follow will eventually end up in the disease management realm.

An easy indicator to determine which realm you or your practitioner are pursuing is: are you/they simply working towards managing the symptoms or disease, or are you/they working to uncover the root before anything else?

Where the Confusion About Wholistic Health Begins

Have you ever walked into the middle of a conversation, perhaps not even realizing it was the middle, rather than the beginning? And you quickly formed an opinion about the topic being discussed, only to have to back-pedal later and retract your statement or opinion because you misunderstood – mainly because you came into the conversation in the middle of the story.

Unfortunately, the confusion about true wholistic health is for similar reasons. We typically are an impatient society and want things quickly, especially health results. We don’t have time to “hear the whole story – especially the beginning.” We have a tendency to grab sound bites, without even realizing who is making those sound bites, especially if it fits our objective – a quick fix. The next thing you know, you have your ladder leaning against the wrong wall. And that “wall” is the “disease management” wall, or the “cost me lots of wasted money” wall, or… the “wholistic health is confusing” wall. It’s because we jumped into the middle of the story and didn’t take time to hear, learn or understand the vital foundational principals of what wholistic health really is, first. And worse than being confused about it, you find yourself agreeing with those who affirm your failures of pursuing health naturally, as “it doesn’t work” (another wall). That’s because in almost all cases, the foundational pieces of this vital paradigm were skipped over.

I would like to invite you to the beginning, and share these vital wholistic health paradigm principals, so that you can now lean your ladder against the correct wall, and get you to where you want to be – on the path of true wholistic health & wellness – successfully.

What Wellness is NOT:

To delve into these truly vital foundational principals, slow down, take your time, and read each of these previous blog posts. Perhaps you have read some or even all of these, but maybe it wasn’t clicking that this is the place to start your wholistic health journey – with a paradigm shift in your thinking. If you have not read them – I encourage you to put everything you are currently doing for your health on hold until you read these foundational principals. Then measure what you had been doing, including your thought process and see if your plan really lines up with your wholistic health paradigm. Or have you been looking to the disease management model thinking you are on the path to true health?


What Wellness IS:

Blogs for each of these principals are coming! But let me just share the gist of these vital principals. For deeper understanding of these following principals, I’d encourage you to read my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness?”

    • Wellness IS a Life Change!

Basically, “if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten! “ We can’t expect to take a magic pill, or even eat some healthy foods without eliminating the poor health habits too! We have to change the behavior that got us there to begin with.

    • Wellness IS a Lifetime Commitment!

The key word here is “commitment.” There is a big difference between a desire to doing something, wanting something etc. and a commitment to it. We need to commit to being in it for the long haul in regards to taking care of our health, and even restoring our body back to good health.

    • Wellness IS Restoring Your Body Back to Good Health!

This second principal follows after the first principal — uncovering the root cause, then restore the body back to good health. Don’t stop with just the discovery process and then jump ship by managing the disease with drugs or even surgeries. This is where the work begins, but it is so worth it!

    • Wellness IS Discipline!

This principal needs to follow and accompany the commitment principal. Discipline is vital to good health, and truthfully, anything in life that is worth having and keeping.

    • Wellness IS Your Insurance!

Don’t rely on insurance to take care of your health. And especially don’t let it dictate the level of your health. Instead, think of your health, and the work you put into maintaining it, as your insurance. Taking care of your health is not a 100% guarantee that you will never fall ill, but it sure minimizes the possibility and the risk greatly.

    • Wellness IS Common Sense Simple!

We need to remember to go back to the basics of what we already know – rest, water, exercise, good nutrition (minus the bad foods), and good nerve supply – first. Once you grab hold of the paradigm shift and the first few truths here, the next building block are these basic, common sense steps we all need to incorporate into our health regime. It doesn’t work to skip these!

    • Wellness IS Freedom!

When you apply these truths, and you start restoring your body back to optimum function, you will discover a freedom like never before. When you take control of your health, rather than disease taking control of you, you will experience true freedom!
Health takes time and commitment, but it is worth it. It IS Freedom!

In Summary

Wholistic health does not have to be confusing if you start at the beginning of the story and apply the foundational principals first. Know what your objective is and align yourself with that paradigm, and when needed, those with the same paradigm as yours. Is your paradigm to manage your disease? Then align yourself with a conventional medical doctor and they will assist you in doing that. But if your paradigm is to restore your body back to good health, or maintain your health then align yourself with those steps in doing so, starting from the beginning.

To try and put one foot in one paradigm (disease management) and the other foot in the other paradigm (wholistic health) and expect good results, I promise you, it won’t work. All that it will cause is – well – confusion.

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