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It’s Not About Back and Neck Pain!

Shortly after God delivered me from an addiction to alcohol and the whole bar life, He set my feet on a new path – a discovery path of wholistic health and wellness.  This really was the season that this seed of desiring to help others down this new path was planted.

One of the new tools added to my health tool box was chiropractic care.  I knew nothing about chiropractic care except what I thought it was about – back and neck pain – of which I had neither.  I was only 37 years old, why would I have back and neck pain?  Or even a greater question, “why would I need chiropractic care?  That’s for decrepit ‘old’ people, or people in bad accidents, right?”  Wrong!

As part of my new health regime, I was working out at a gym.  It was there that I met a chiropractor.  I told him if I ever needed his services, I would call his office.  He asked if I had ever been to a chiropractor, and invited me to a health talk that he gave every Thursday night.  So, I went – and I am so glad I did!  Wow, I learned so much, not to mention, it eventually sent me down a new career path!  I would like to share with you some things I learned that night, and much more after I entered chiropractic school.  And also, what I continually remind myself of, is the amazing value and benefit – and yes, I will even go as far as to say “vitalness” of chiropractic care.  In fact, I believe, and actually know, it is so vital to our health and well-being that it is one of the 5 pieces of the Physical part of the health pie I talk about in all of my health presentations, classes, and my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness” (Which you can purchase here!).

Did you know that the nervous system is the very first system of our body that is formed?  Without it, the rest of the systems in our body could not be formed – it is that vital.  The primary focus of chiropractic care is not the bones in our back, yes, those too are very vital, but what chiropractic care is addressing, analyzing, supporting, and assisting, is our nervous system – primarily at the spinal level.  The bones in our back are vital because they protect, and unfortunately at times interfere, with the function of our nervous system.

Every cell, tissue, organ and system of our bodies receives and needs, good nerve supply in order for them to function as they are designed to do.  Think of our brains as the master circuit, or the main circuit breaker in your house, and the spinal cord as the ground wire, with a bunch of other wires branching off of it.  Here is an explanation of what a main circuit breaker does: “This large circuit breaker is known as the main breaker, and it plays a crucial role in the electrical system by offering the means of disconnecting power to the entire circuit breaker panel and hence shutting off power to the entire house.” (www.thespruce.com/what-is-a-main-breaker-1152730).  Did you catch that? “shutting off power to the entire house.”  If the main breaker of your body, your brain, isn’t communicated with properly via the spinal cord because of interference, then everything else that branches off of the spinal cord is not functioning properly either.

How does the communication of our bodies – the spinal nerves — get interfered with?  What could cause a “short” in the electrical circuit of our bodies?  And yes, just like a house, there are true electrical signals going on, all the time in our bodies, and the nerves are the highway that these electrical signals travel along.  So how do they get shorted out?

When the bones in our spine are misaligned, they put pressure on the spinal nerves that are passing in between the vertebra, causing a short in the circuit.  Now you might not feel this interference, at least initially.  And the pressure I’m talking about can be as minute as just the weight of a dime.  This tiny pressure is enough to decrease the nerve impulses going out to the vital organs of our body by 40%.  Would you want anything that you rely on to function at just 60%?  Internet, your car – how about your golf game?!  No, of course not.  We would do something about it!  And the movement of these vertebra are also very minute – just a millimeter of a shift is all it takes.  We are not talking gross dislocations, or movements here, just a millimeter of a shift.

Of course, we want the movement in our spine, and all of our joints for that matter, to have fluid motion – in and out of alignment all day long.  It’s when they get stuck or locked in a misaligned position that the problems arise.  This stuck or locked position is what is known as a “subluxation.”  There probably isn’t one of us walking around out there today who does not have multiple, yes multiple subluxations going on in our spine at any given time – unless we just walked out the door from our chiropractor’s office!

All kinds of things can cause these subluxations:  poor posture, poor sleeping habits, injuring ourselves at work, at home or at play, repetitive motions – mom’s carrying a little one her hip, administrative person sitting a lot, using the computer a lot, a laborer doing repetitive motions, standing, sitting for long periods of time – we all have repetitive motions.  Of course, automobile accidents, and even the birthing process for both the mom and the baby.  All of these things can cause subluxations in our spine.  But unless we receive regular chiropractic care, these subluxations can be ongoing, for years, yes, years before we even know anything is wrong.

Who should receive regular chiropractic care?  We all should!  Anyone with a spine, and we all have one.  From cradle to grave.  I truly have never met a chiropractor who has children, who doesn’t routinely check the spine of their little ones because they know the vitalness of good nerve supply.

I hope this information has brought clarity for you as to why chiropractic care is vital to your health.  It’s not about back and neck pain, although, yes, this can be one of the many symptoms – felt or not, that can tell you to seek out your chiropractor – it’s about good nerve supply, that none of us can do without.  Chiropractic care is as vital to our health as eating right, exercising, sleep and plenty of water.  None of these should be short-changed, or disregarded as not necessary.

So, go get your “power turned on” and schedule an appointment with a chiropractor today!

For more on good nerve supply and resources for quality chiropractic care see my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness

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