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A Holistic Approach to Reclaiming Your Health & Your Life

Now that the holidays are behind us, some of us might be stepping back into the reality, and routine of the cold, harsh winter days, with nothing else to look forward to but the weekends once again.  Perhaps you are feeling even a little let down.  I know that’s how it goes for me most years.  For some reason I always feel a year older more when “Auld Lang Syne” is sung and the Time Square ball drops, as opposed to when my birthday rolls around.

All of the hype for months on end, the over-eating Christmas parties, over-spending, rushing from one place to another, over-commitments swallowing you alive, being thrown way out of routine – whatever they may or may not be — all leading up to a few hours of excitement on Christmas Day.  Perhaps one more shindig to ring in the new year, and then it’s all over.  Or, maybe “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings” as the saying goes.  Perhaps literally for some of us, minus the singing part.

But, it’s never too late to reclaim your health, and what better time than the new year to start taking a holistic approach to your health.  Something far greater than the proverbial “I’m going to start my diet beginning January 1, and lose 10 lbs.”  How has that been working for us?  I would like to take the next few minutes and hopefully encourage you with…

Here Are 5 Truths to Restore Your Health Wholistically

If I were to guess, I’d say your health probably needs a little help right now following the holidays – a holistic way – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  The more I have conversations with people, the more my heart breaks when I realize most people have no clue what it means to do this.  They don’t see the connection.  But truthfully, and that is my heart is to continue to share with you the “truths about wellness,” it’s the only way we can truly walk in optimal health – wholistically.

Here is Truth #1:

Stop Counting Calories!

In fact, stop counting everything – points, calories, grams etc.  Again, how has that been working for us?  It hasn’t.  Just take a look around.  Google the statistics on the number of men, women and children who are not just overweight, but now obese.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 4 out of every 10 Americans, that’s approximately 40%, are obese and it is growing, not lowering, every year.

Not only do I want you to stop counting calories, I implore you – stop listening to the so-called experts who are telling you to do so.  As another old saying goes “follow the money.”  They are not telling you these misguided recommendations for your benefit, but for theirs.  Our country has some very brilliant scientists.  We are financially a very wealthy country.  If they really wanted to find a true “cure for cancer” they would have already been able to do so.  But that is not their objective.  So it’s time to start doing something different rather than following the piper down the path of sickness and disease management once and for all.

Instead?  Consume, not count, nutrients!  If you have ever had any kind of health goal, you probably have at least once in your life, turned the package over and examined how many calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, protein and/or sugars are in that packaged food you are considering throwing in the shopping cart, with the hopes that this new commitment to health is going to finally be the magic ticket.  Those items you are looking at are what is known as macronutrients.  While there is some value in that information, those aren’t the items that will lead you to true holistic health.  So, what will?

Here is Truth #2:

Pay Attention to Micronutrients

Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals – including trace minerals –  antioxidants, and phytonutrients – nutrients found in plants. Micronutrients do not contain calories, however they are absolutely essential to good health.  You could consume 5 tons of micronutrients, and not gain weight.  But if you ate 5 tons of macronutrients, well let’s just say, you would most likely be in trouble.  Of course, good fats, healthy fiber laden carbs, and clean proteins are important to our health as well, but that is not where our primary focus needs to be.  This is probably the first place the wheels start coming off the “New Year’s goals bus” beginning January 2nd – when we start to count calories for another year instead of focusing on consuming micronutrients.

Here is Truth #3:

Goals MUST be Written Down

If you didn’t start giving thought to what your 2024 goals would be over the past month or so, then as soon as you are finished reading this blog, pull out a piece of paper and pen, a Word document, notebook – whatever you use to keep track of things – and write down some goals.  In my blog “What is True Wholistic Health” I go into some detail about the correct components to not just writing down goals, but actually achieving them.  I also go into greater detail with this in my book “Are You Being Deceived About True Wellness” as well.


Here is Truth #4:

There is a Difference Between a Desire and a Commitment

In my book I talk about a difference between a desire to doing something and a commitment to it.  You must be committed, otherwise you almost certainly won’t see it through.  How many times have you “wished” for something, or how long have you been talking about that dream job, or pursuing your passion?  Are you committed to it?  Or is it just something that stays in your head when you have nothing better to think about?  If you are truly committed to it, then you need to next write it down.  See my blog “Are You Committed or Do You Just Have a Desire” for a greater appreciation of the difference between these two.

Here is Truth #5:

YOU Have a Purpose

Every single one of us has a unique, divine purpose and reason for being here on this earth.  Every single one of us.  Not one of us, no matter our lot in life, is excluded from this.  And without you, the rest of us are not complete.  We need each other.  As independent as you might think you are, we absolutely need each other.  If the farmer decides to stay in bed and not tend to the crops this year, the truck driver has nothing to deliver, the gas station has no one to sell the fuel to, the grocery store clerk has nothing to stock, the cashier has nothing to ring up, and you won’t have the right micronutrients to put into your body.  The only one who wins here are the corporate medical facilities, the insurance companies and Big Pharma.  But everyone else matters also – especially YOU!  If you are not sure what your purpose is, I encourage you to seek it out – ask God, He’ll tell you.  To learn how to hear God’s voice, I encourage you to read Dr. Mark Virkler’s book “How to Hear God’s Voice.”  It’s an easy read but most of all, it’s a rewarding one!

In Conclusion

This is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully understanding the holistic approach to reclaiming your health, but I hope these five little nuggets will get you started and motivated with the new year, and on the right foot – on the holistic approach to your health and life this year.  Make this year be your “ah ha” year, the year you will look back for years to come and say “that was my turning point year, the year I embraced a holistic approach to my health which gave me my life back!”  This can be the year that you can finally say “My health IS in my control!

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